Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Concept and How it Developed - an Overview!

the system - the printing - the whole concept of Imagekind is exactly what I have dreamt of for years before it was created and I have personally put thousands of hours helping Imagekind develop into the site it currently is -

my focus are the prints and canvases that customers can buy while the framing is not necessarily the highest end product available - *this is in no way a belittlement of the frame quality that Imagekind is presenting the customer - but there are hand created frames and fine artisans in the framing world which I would like eventually to present to the Imagekind system which they may or may not be able to incorporate into the business plan that they currently have -

as far as the prices for other people's art - the same situations occur with many of the custom labs for printing photographs in Manhattan so I see a parallel their although not as transparent and evident to the customer - in otherwords - the lab prices are the same for everyone and do not change no matter who you are - but the prices that each photographer charges his or her customer is totally dependent on their own business model and is not related at all to what other photographer's charge -

Since I am familiar with this fact -and have been dealing in that environment for most of my life (I have been photographing for 52 years now) this discrepancy that you have found is not something that troubles me at all since it is and has been a fact for many years that different photographers as well as artists command different prices -

I would like to point out that I am the only artist with such a high number of images on that system - which if you simply search my last name - will indicate that there are currently
46,716 images up in those galleries -


after hearing such a large number of images are on that system you may then inquire as to how I expect anyone to find any particular image that I may have up in my galleries -

to answer that - I have slowly begun placing some of the images in different blogs of images of specific categories which then display them as small galleries with specific themes like so:


this is however a monumental task and there is little time to work on this more than superficially or as an example because I am still currently engrossed in creating more and more images and placing them in these galleries-

what I am attempting to encourage is for people like yourself to go through the images and choose images that you like and create such blogs yourself of the images that you have chosen which you are then able to both enjoy yourself at any time that you like and/or show to other people for them to see the gallery showing(s) that you yourself have curated - and then if any of these friends that you show my work to in any shape or form whether in the showing in the blogs or even individually presented images happen to be interested in making a purchase of a substantial piece of art as a print or stretched canvas - then this sales proposal would apply:


please let me know what you think of this -